An all you can eat dining experience in Newcastle, serving up popular dishes from around the world.

~ Advertorial ~

Little Cosmo on Newgate Street is part of the Cosmo Group, which has over 20 world buffet restaurants around the UK. The Newcastle eatery is smaller than the others, hence the addition of ‘little’ to its name!

But don’t be fooled; there’s nothing small about this restaurant, which serves over 100 different dishes, taking diners on a culinary tour of the world in one sitting.

Asian, Indian, Japanese, Italian and British – you’ll find something to tempt your tastebuds.

Cosmo interior
Cosmo booths
Cosmo bar and entrance


Let’s talk decor and setting.

The dining space is contemporary; think sleek booths, soft amber hues and stylish light fixtures dangling from the ceiling. The buffet area, by contrast, is bright and gleaming white, with plenty of space to move around and choose your foodie selection.

You’ll find all the main hot dishes down the middle of the room, with a sushi corner, a teppanyaki kitchen (where the chef is on standby to cook your choice of scallop, steak or prawns), a salad bar, and a dessert area complete with a chocolate fountain and Mr Whippy-style ice cream machine.

Cosmo buffet
Cosmo pancakes

Buffet etiquette

As buffet etiquette requires, we helped ourselves to multiple plates of food during our visit, queuing and patiently waiting our turn to access the various dishes.

What was good to see was that a member of staff was walking around frequently to replace food that was running low, close all the lids to keep the heat in, and generally ensure the buffet area was clean and tidy. But alas, sometimes you can’t avoid those pesky sauce drips or little morsels of food escaping the serving spoons when transferring the portion over to your plate!

Cosmo food

The buffet selection

I went for a mix of chicken tikka, spring rolls and sweet and sour chicken, with steamed and egg fried rice.

My boyfriend tucked into pancakes with duck and hoisin sauce, black bean beef with noodles, and then spare ribs.

Other options included vegetable samosa, lamb curry, cumin potato, pangasius fish, garlic broccoli, and even onion rings, chips, and chicken nuggets. There was also pizza, fresh salad and a selection of sushi.

To finish, between us we had miniature portions of ice cream, jelly, chocolate mousse (my personal highlight), Irish cream liqueur cheesecake, carrot cake and Eton mess. 

Cosmo sushi
Cosmo salad
Cosmo ribs
Cosmo sauces
Cosmo dessert

As all you can eat buffet restaurants go, Little Cosmo offers a good variety of dishes across a mix of cuisines – both meat and vegetarian-based.

And if you like your food swiftly served and enjoy ‘a little bit of everything’ then this one will tick your box.

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