Enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean at Fuego in Fenwick Newcastle, with its delicious mix of authentic tapas, charcuterie and Napoli-style pizzas.

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Fenwick’s ground floor Food Hall is a feast for the senses.

As you meander between the aisles stacked with artisan products and gaze at its meat, cheese, bakery and confectionery counters, you can’t help but feel like you’ve made it to foodie heaven.

But, there’s more.

The Food Hall is also home to several eateries, including the Mediterranean-inspired Fuego restaurant.

Nestled in the back corner next to the Wine Room, Fuego brings contemporary style to this bustling retail space.

Fuego Fenwick
Fuego interior
Fuego bar

Fuego's Mediterranean menu

With its blend of traditional Spanish and Italian cuisine and Middle Eastern influences, Fuego serves up firm favourites from this beautiful corner of the world.

From its charcuterie selection, sharing boards and Spanish omelettes, to seafood, meat and vegetable dishes – you can mix and match to create your ultimate Mediterranean spread.

As for their pizzas, these come with a thin base, freshly cooked in a wood-stone oven for an authentic Napoli-style crust.

Drinks-wise, you can expect a superb selection of wines and cocktails.

My winter berry mule (which happened to be non-alcoholic) was a fruity blend of winter berries, cranberry, lime, mint and ginger. The definition of a seasonal, wintry drink!

Fuego cocktails

What we ate on our visit

After scouring the tables around us and eyeing up the pizzas (which looked so delish!), we decided that we were in the mood for tapas.

But, are you even eating tapas if you don’t have patatas bravas?! We ordered two bowls, as these are always moreish – and Fuego’s didn’t disappoint.

I love crab but don’t eat it that often, so the crab croquettes instantly jumped out from the menu. These crunchy concoctions, perched on dollops of smooth brown crab mayo, were a definite highlight for me.

The calamari was something of a surprise as it was served without the crispy fried coating you’d usually expect. But, it still hit the mark, served with a zingy blend of chilli, rocket and lemon.

Ham croquettes, a portion of padron peppers, and charred broccoli doused in tahini and dukkah completed our line-up. Everything was perfectly seasoned and brimming with flavour.

Fuego tapas
Fuego crab croquettes
Fuego calamari

Delicious desserts

For dessert, I’m usually a chocolate kinda girl, but I thought I’d try something new and went for the sgroppino, comprising a scoop of sharp lemon sorbet topped with Prosecco. This has a theatrical element, as the waiter pours the fizz at your table, so you can watch the glass frothing up as the sorbet melts away into the bubbles. 

Meanwhile, my boyfriend’s rice pudding brûlée with orange and pistachio was a delightful dish, combining a luscious mix of tastes and textures, all served chilled.

Fuego dessert

Is Fuego worth visiting?

If dining inside a department store surrounded by shoppers sounds a bit too loud and frantic for you, then think again.

The atmosphere and service, combined with the excellent food, means Fuego is on par with any restaurant you’ll find on Grey Street or the Quayside. 

Put simply, if you enjoy Mediterranean food, then you’ll enjoy Fuego. 

For more information about Fuego in Newcastle, visit the Fenwick website. And check out my reel over on Instagram.